Cast size is flexible depending on company size, with the opportunity to double on a number of roles

Most roles are not gender specific, and can be played by any age.

The play and music can easily be performed by youth or adults, or a combination.



Yule -- A good natured, if slightly incompetent, traveler. 

Satchel -- Yule’s faithful, and somewhat savvier, sidekick. 

Teacher -- Intelligent, guardian of village history, a pillar of the community.

Mayor -- A person proud of his/her village, a person of many accents.

Ribbon Meister -- The most successful business person in town.

Toymaker -- Shopkeeper who is painfully shy. 

Aristotle -- Well-meaning village simpleton, with occasional moments of intelligence.

Einstein -- Well-meaning village simpleton, only simpler.

Mom (and ensemble singer) -- Matriarch of typical village family.

Dad (and ensemble singer) -- Patriarch of same family.

Mary -– Young daughter of Mom and Dad.

Little Yule and Little Satchel (and ensemble singers) -- Our wanderer and sidekick as youngsters.

The Toys:

   Music Box -- Watches over the toys in the shop - strong singing voice.

   Toy Soldier -- One of the toys that comes to life. Strong singing voice required.

   Doll -- Another toy that comes to life. Strong singing voice required.

   Teddy Bear -- You guessed it. Toy, comes to life, can sing. 

Teens - The oldest child of the family, the very wise friend, and the friend that doesn't want to be left out.  Can be boys or girls.

Douglas – (and ensemble singer) Ribbon Meister’s accountant. Snappy dresser.

Brenda -- (and ensemble singer) Youthful looking "beau" of Ribbon Meister.  

Ensemble  - Roles for adults, teens, and youth.  Many of the ensemble roles have dialogue.  Very flexible based on company size.